Holiday Flags Program

The Rotary Club of Spencerport invites you to join your neighbors in proudly displaying the American Flag in front of your home.

This program gives residents of our community the opportunity to show their pride and love for our country.

For an annual subscription price, we will place a large 3×5-foot American Flag on 8 foot pole in front of your house on four  major national holidays.

These holidays are: Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day and Veteran’s Day

The proceeds from the flag program enable us to fund a variety of health, humanitarian, and youth service programs throughout our local community and the broader world.

This is our primary annual fundraising program and we appreciate your community support.

Volunteers will place the flags you order in your yard 4 to 5 days before each holiday and we remove the flags 2 to 3 days after each holiday.

You can sign up for our flag program at any time throughout the year.